Tug and Barge Services

Big Or Small, We Do It All

West Coast Tug & Barge Ltd has been operating on the British Columbia’s coast since 1976. In its history, the company has built a credible reputation for providing its clients with a diverse slate of marine transportation tug and barge services that are timely and cost-effective. The company’s experienced and educated management and staff make it possible to take on the majority of all marine transportation projects on the coast of BC. With an assortment of Transport Canada Certified vessels and barges, the company has the ability to work within the most rugged and remote locations, no matter how complex the project may be. It’s a service you can depend on.

Log Barging

Log Barging (Loose Log)

Our fleet is equipped with a range of small to medium size ramped log barges with the capabilities of transporting 10,000 m3 of wood volume with simultaneous barges. Whether it’s a conventional logging programs or specialized heli-logging operation, our streamlined approach reduces inventory costs and time to market while increasing quality control through speedy information responses from the DLS. Throughout the years of servicing British Columbia’s coastal logging community, West Coast Tug & Barge Ltd has always provided an innovative log barge solution which is both reliable and cost-competitive. With some of the largest ramped barges on the coast, accessibility and extraction has always separated us from our competitors. We strive to maximize the value of our customers’ resources, while minimizing disruption of marine habitat.

Aggregate Barging (Aggregate/Sand/Soil)

With a diverse selection of barges, it allows the company to work with its customers to successfully transport goods into the most rugged and remote coastal destinations and ports. Large or small, West Coast Tug & Barge Ltd is committed to continually support its coastal communities. Over the years, the population within British Columbia’s coastal communities has increased. West Coast Tug & Barge Ltd has adapted and equipped its fleet to transport the bulk material needed to support these isolated communities or coastal ports. Whether it’s construction material, aggregate minerals, garbage disposal, contaminated soil and remediation works, or containers, its fleet has the capacity to transport loads as large as 8,000MT utilizing multiple barges.

Bulk Freight | West Coast Tug & Barge
Equipment and LTL Freight

Equipment & Freight Barging

With a geographical range from Pugent Sound to Southeast Alaska, West Coast Tug & Barge Ltd services the entire BC Coast. Its fleet sails past majority of the coastal communities and its adjacent inlets on a bi-monthly basis, so no matter the destination, the company will provide a safe and reliable solution which is both cost-competitive and timely. All its barges are equipped with engineered ramps, which allow the company to service the most rugged and remote locations no matter the circumstances. It has available deck capacities ranging from 6,600 sq/ft up to 24,600 sq/ft in tandem, and ramps as long as 65’ in length. It has the ability to transport the majority of all its clients’ goods, from pallet freight, motor vehicles, heavy equipment, construction material, and even houses.

General Towing

West Coast Tug & Barge Ltd’s has a range of tugs with the power, equipment, and responsiveness to successfully manage all its customers towing needs. From the seasonal relocations of the coastal fishing resorts and coastal contractors, float and breakwater transport, ship and barge assists, barge rentals, helicopter support, and navigational aid rebuilds for Transport Canada. Our qualified and skilled seaman and versatile fleet, accompanied by our talented management staff, have the ability to take on any towing needs and project.

General Towing