Thomas is a visionary, solution-focused senior executive that is committed to building long-term relationships with employees, partners and customers. He offers strategic leadership in sustainable management, joint venture partnerships, inter-governmental relations, venture capital financing and new product research and development. He's worked in cooperative ventures with First Nations communities to build sustainable infrastructure and ensure long-term employment. He participates in several mult-stakeholder processes such as the Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management's North Coast Land and Resource Management Plan and the Premiers Roundtable on Forestry. He led forestry in the development of forest practices in ecosystem-based management, variable retention forest operations, and an innovative system of log production management to reduce deleterious material into the ocean. He has an affinity for bringing collaboration and facilitating change within an organization, and has the skill for fitting the right people with specific tasks, engaging individual's passions, and creating results within measured timeframes. He is the past Managing Director of HaiCo, the economic development corporation for the Council of Haida Nation. He currently sits as the acting President of West Coast Tug & Barge Ltd. He holds a Master's in Business Administrative in Executive Leadership from Royal Roads University's graduate program and has been the principal owner and operator of the company since its inception date in 1976 and has since sold off 66% interest to his sons.