Operations Manager

Layne has been employed within the company's operations since 1998 and currently holds 33% ownership. He originated as a relief deckhand within the company's booming operations in the northern parts of the coast and after proving to be a valuable asset in the field, he was transitioned into a full time deckhand within the log towing division of which he towed log booms between northern ports. In 2002, as economics changed, Layne shifted into the barging division transporting coastal freight in all parts of the coast. Layne has seen the entire coast of BC, and his current capacity within the fleet includes, but not limited to, Captain, Shore Engineer, Maintenance Supervisor, Shipwright and Shore Foreman. He has managed maintenance programs and capital refits exceeding $750K budgets to within +/- 5%. He has been a key success in the company's history of successful operations and maintenance programs, and continues to play a strategic role in fleet strategy. He is a high level strategic thinker and understands the complexity of decision making and the unintended consequences that continually occur as weather patterns change schedules with the fleet. He has the highest standard for quality of training and workmanship, and works every day to ensure that unsurpassed customer service is a priority within the business. He holds a current 150 Ton Masters Ticket. He is working towards a 500 Ton Master Domestic and Watch-keeping Mates certificate to eventually become a coastal pilot.