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Equipment and LTL Freight

With a geographical range from Pugent Sound to Southeast Alaska, West Coast Tug & Barge Ltd services the entire BC Coast.  Its fleet sails past majority of the coastal communities and its adjacent inlets on a bi-monthly basis, so no matter the destination, the company will provide a safe and reliable solution which is both cost-competitive and timely.  All its barges are equipped with engineered ramps, which allow the company to service the most rugged and remote locations no matter the circumstances.  It has available deck capacities ranging from 6,600 sq/ft up to 24,600 sq/ft in tandem, and ramps as long as 65’ in length.  It has the ability to transport majority of all its clients’ goods, from pallet freight, motor vehicles, boats, reefer trucks, fuels & lubes, or construction material.  Its support equipment and people, allow for a problem free and seamless service – one that can be trusted.