Propelling Businesses Forward Since 1976


At West Coast Tug & Barge Ltd...

At West Coast Tug & Barge Ltd, we take pride in our people.  We understand that without our people, success would be unreachable.  Since our inception date in 1976, our company has been providing long-term stable employment for the willing and able seaman.  We believe in a team based environment, and each and every employee is encouraged to get involved in all aspects of our business.  Collectively, between management and operations, the company strives to increase safety awareness and delivering unprecedented customer service.

Joining Our Team...

It’s our focus to assemble a dynamic team of individuals to support our sustainable growth strategy.  We hand select each individual that works within our organization, to ensure everyone hired understands our mandate.  Our focus is to minimize our costs, keep competitively priced, increase safety awareness, sustain our profitability, and deliver unprecedented customer service to our clients.

All employees working within the company’s marine fleet are fully trained for their positions to the Transport Canada’s regulations.  However, the training and education is only one component of the requirements in being hired within our company.

It is our expectation, that in order to fit within our dynamic team of people, you must also meet the following criteria: 

  • be physically fit and able for your job specifics,
  • be attentive to details and communications,
  • perform duties in a safe and professional manner,
  • be safety conscious and lead by example,
  • adhere to company policy and Transport Canada regulations,
  • able to take direction from both management and fellow co-workers,
  • be adaptable and versatile,
  • be able to work within a team of diverse individuals, 
  • know how to smile.

If you possess the needed requirements to fill any of the positions listed in the right sidebar, please apply to our head office via fax or email.  Once management has had the opportunity to review your application, you will be contacted directly if there is a need for your service.